The Ashura Project is an effort of dedicated individuals of all ages to reflect on the legacy of the event of Ashura, raise awareness of its messages for humanity and help the Detroit-Metro community understand its life changing significance.

In the history of the human race, there has never been an event so monumental while simultaneously encapsulating virtues so powerful that they will free the imprisoned soul, awaken the unconscious, and empower the powerless.

The Ashura project seeks to promote truth, love, justice, dignity, righteousness, and respect, which are among the few values learned from Ashura, as well as give humanity the tools to inscribe this very message into their hearts.

Our Mission

  • To reflect on the legacy of the event of Ashura, create awareness of its message of peace and justice for humanity and help the Detroit-Metro community understand its life changing significance.
  • To promote values and principals taught by Ashura such as truth, love, justice, dignity, righteousness and respect.

Our Core Values

  1. Islamic Lifestyle – AP adheres to Islam as a way of life. With the Holy Qur’an being the book of guidance, AP team acts upon the teachings of Ahlul-Bayt (A).
  2. Scholarly Guidance – AP recognizes the significance of referring to the scholars of the time of the Shi’a school of thought for religious guidance.
  3. Purpose-Driven – AP members organize events and activities based on clear objectives. Behind every action, there’s a purpose.
  4. Reliable Sourcing – AP depends on accurate and trustworthy sources of information and is vigilant about distortions and misrepresentations.
  5. Rejection of Disturbing Ritual – AP rejects all types of vicious and unsound acts of commemoration defaming Islam. Imam al-Sadiq (A) said, “Become an ornament for us, do not be a disgrace for us”.
  6. Integrity – AP conduct its operations in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. AP members are transparent, honest, consistent with word and deed, and ethical in all interactions with vendors, contributors, other organizations or groups, and the public.
  7. Non-Aggressive Fundraising Practices – AP respects the will and privacy of the people. It abandons all fundraising techniques that are intrusive, inconvenient, or unpleasantly persistent and practices that place people under pressure.
  8. Financial Transparency – AP believes that contributors and the public have the right of knowing of AP’s financial behavior and performance. AP adopts a policy of disclosing accurate and reliable information about its financial activities.
  9. Reformation of Society – AP acknowledges that Ashura is a movement of social and spiritual reformation. AP identifies and responds to the needs of its community by focusing on contemporary matters and issues during commemorations, and not just mourning through historical and cultural means. At the same time, AP strives to maintain the traditions in commemoration.
  10. Spiritual Growth – AP stresses on the importance of growing in spirituality through commemoration and increasing the connection with Ahlul-Bayt (A) and thus with Allah (SWT).
  11. Organized Operations – AP conducts its operations in an organized and professional manner. AP members are process-oriented and strive to think strategically, analyze needs and results, set priorities, plan in advance, solve problems, stay focused, and employ documentation.
  12. Continuous Improvement – AP embraces perpetual growth and development, continuous learning, and constant improvement. AP strives to measure, monitor, analyze, and improve productivity, processes, tasks, and members’ performance.
  13. Youth Engagement – AP recognizes the effectiveness of involving the youth in the planning and execution of events and activities, where they benefit by gaining skills, knowledge, self-esteem, and connectedness. AP strives to offer a true platform for youth participation by providing meaningful opportunities to contribute to their community.
  14. Appreciation – AP values the efforts of those who contribute to the project, whether through dedicating time and volunteering or through financial contribution. AP strives to express its sincerest gratitude and maintain communication.

The Ashura Project was established in February 2013 and is based in Dearborn, Michigan. It is registered in the state of Michigan as a non-profit organization.